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  • 2   Men’s Left-handed
  • 6   Women’s Right-handed
  • 1   Women’s Left-handed


NOW SERVING: Orange County, Los Angeles and Las Vegas

Whether you’re on a family vacation, a short business trip or in San Diego to participate in a business or trade convention, San Diego golf is a great way to relax and have some fun. The question is…how much trouble is it to bring your own set of golf clubs?

Especially, now that most Airlines have created new baggage fees and charge $ 50.00 or more to transport your golf clubs to San Diego.

Since 9/11 airport security procedures have increased significantly and it is very inconvenient to carry your clubs back and forth from the airport, hotel and golf course.

From buying an expensive travel case to lugging your bag through busy airport terminals, traveling with your own clubs can turn a good time into a big hassle.

Another constant concern and worry is keeping your expensive clubs safe and secure as checked-in baggage, in your hotel room or in your rental car.

Now…when you come to golf in San Diego you don’t have to pack your clubs…and you can eliminate all those inconveniences and concerns about your favorite and expensive set of golf clubs.

You can now rent a full set of upscale TaylorMade golf clubs in San Diego. These are the most popular sets of golf clubs among professionals and amateurs around the world.

Not only does renting a set of TaylorMade golf clubs save you the trouble of bringing your own, it gives you the chance to play with the most forgiving and most satisfying woods and irons you can find.

If your company or group is sponsoring a corporate golf event or tournament in San Diego just imagine how impressed your invited guests, businessmen, sales staff and vendors will be when you tell them they can leave their clubs at home – and use a full set of TaylorMade rentals you’ve arranged to have waiting for them on their cart at the San Diego golf course they will be playing.

Our rental sets are in excellent condition and ready and waiting to give you the one-of-a-kind performance only TaylorMade golf clubs can offer.

Your clubs will be personally delivered to you and your group by our staff at any San Diego golf course up to two hours prior to your event. That way your players can use them to warm-up on the practice range prior to playing. Our Staff person we be there again to meet you at the end of your round to inventory, clean and pick up your rental clubs.

Quality, Convenience and Service is the trademark of our San Diego golf club rental program.

So when you’re heading to San Diego to golf…bring your game, not your clubs! Rent a full set of TaylorMade golf clubs – the best-selling, most popular woods and irons in golf.


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